Baconost: not vegan Norway


Baconost-Norwegain superfood!

The last thing you’d expect it to be (Unless of course you speak Norwegian, by which point you’re rolling your eyes and going: “Baconost guys. Baconost. CUMMON!”) is pureed bacon. And cheese. In a tube. 


This is the stuff of legends. At school, the Norwegians used to get care packages full of this stuff. I was never sure whether it was for novelty value of whether they were fans. But it has obsessed me ever since, even though I’m a vegetarian. The first thing I did in Bergen was pop into the local supermarket and scout it out, just to see if it really existed. And it does!


Alongside Baconost sits bacon and chilli ost, burger ost, fiskost (this was not selling well) and jalapeño ost.