Banana Almond Iced Milkshake – for the ultimate cool down

 photo 2Oh wow. Baby it’s hot out there. I just spent two hours playing netball in direct sunlight and cycling to and from the court. Even after my cold shower, I’m still a little puddle of melted human.

So I thought about popping out to the local coffee shop and spending £3 on an iced coffee (especially after reading this article from Buzz Feed about iced coffee). And then I remembered I’d frozen some old bananas to use in a smoothie. What I wanted, really wanted, is some decadent, post-training protein, sweet, fruit hit. 

photo 1So I tipped some frozen banana, ice cubes, almond milk and some agave syrup into the blender and whizzed it together for a minute or two. What followed was a thick, frozen milkshake, almost like ice-cream. 

At first I used a spoon but then, as the icy liquid melted I just tipped it it down. The best post-sport snack or just hot-day treat. And it’s *probably* healthy as well… 



One cup of almond (or soy) milk

One cup of ice cubes

One and a half frozen bananas

A squirt of agave syrup (or a teaspoon of honey, depending on veganism)



Pour it all into the blender and….blend! 

If you want it to be runnier, add a bit more almond milk, but if you’re after a thick creamy milkshake, stick with the measurements outlined above!


Verdict: Pure, cooling-down bliss. 


photo 3