How to eat and order a taco in Mexico

Tacos should be:

1. Cheap (8 pesos per stacked taco is recommended to be about the maximum)

2. Mild (but with the choice to add a variety of salsas ranging from picante to fiery, burning picante)

3. Plentiful (you shouldn’t be afraid to order more tacos if you feel like you need them)

4. Potentially vegetarian (my two favourite varieties are tacos spread with frijoles and layered with salad, and fried mushrooms layered with avocado, onion and coriander)

5. Not necessarily mouthfuls (maize tortillas are soft, flappy, and made to be bitten into, not the crunchy style tacos we get in the UK

6. Fine to eat messily (dive in. I have never succesfully eaten tacos without dribbling some kind of liquid out of the taco

7. not be ‘fine dining’ (there are a number of tourist restauarnts in Mexico that sell plates of four tacos for over $180 pesos. I don’t know what they’re putting in these tacos, but there’s noway that taco is ‘authentic if it’s costing you the price of a night in a cheap hotel)

8. Enjoyed.